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My name is Petra Feyand-Weilbächer. In addition to my marketing and advertising work for foreign tourist service providers such as hotels and lodges, I would like to introduce you to an arranging of very special trips: with VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS ( VITAL REISEN + SAFARIS ) there are unforgettable and impressive experiences to be made. It does not only matter where you travel to but also in which way and with whom you experience something big. My experience is that it is a bonus for an adventure trip when you feel physically well. This can be created by a regular, healthy and gentle movement, even during a journey. This is why this kind of tour is designed for exercise enthusiasts with daily optional participation in BackFIT (RückenFIT) exercises throughout the journey. According to “VITAL and active up to 100, also during your way“ we ask you to be good to yourself. All the VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS, offered by my partner tour operators in each travel destination, will be personally accompanied by me for the active and vital part. Have a nice browse on this page! With a warm and vital greeting. Your

Petra Feyand-Weilbächer and her travel agency for marketing and advertisement PETRA TOURISM SERVICES have now been advertising tourist services such as lodges, hotels and DMCs for many years. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism Windhoek, Namibia, the tourism career of Petra Feyand-Weilbächer began in 1990 with the establishment of the Namibia Tourism Office in Bad Homburg, Germany. An employment of the German advertising agency Adam & Partner in Frankfurt was followed by the establishment of the Jordanian Tourist Information Office and thereby a cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism Amman, Jordan, in 1998. In 2006, PETRA TOURISM SERVICES was founded by Petra Feyand-Weilbächer for the ongoing representation of individual lodges and other tourist service providers (cf. references). In 2016, this was then followed by the development of VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS ( VITAL REISEN + SAFARIS ) as a travel agent for domestic and foreign tour operators.

Petra Feyand-Weilbächer and her travel agency for marketing and advertisement PETRA TOURISM SERVICES have now been advertising tourist services such as lodges, hotels and DMCs for many years. This is accompanied by the task of presenting travel destinations as Namibia in Southern Africa or Jordan to German, Swiss and Austrian tour operators and travel agencies and thereby provide them with information and product trainings. Moreover, PETRA TOURISM SERVICES supports various tourism marketing and promotional activities such as trade fairs, workshops, destination trainings, presentations, catalogue texts and illustrations. Media and press work are included completely. The expertise and previous focus as an advertising agency is on Southern Africa, especially Namibia, Botswana and South Africa but also the modern Middle East country Jordan with its famous rock city PETRA. Other countries can be taken care of as well.


    www.met.gov.na | www.namibia-tourism.com

    about the Ministry of Tourism, Windhoek / Namibia. Office of representation in Bad Homburg/Germany

    www.adam-partner.de | www.mota.gov.jo

    about the Ministry of Tourism; Amman / Jordan and advertising agency Adam & Partner / Frankfurt / Germany. Office of representation in Frankfurt


    Auob Country Lodge | Solitaire Country Lodge | Opuwo Country Lodge | Namushasha Country Lodge | Twyfelfontein Country Lodge


    Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge / Kalkrand / Namibia
    Teufelskrallen Tented Lodge / Kalkrand / Namibia
    Desert Homestead / Namib / Namibia
    Hohenstein Lodge/Damaraland/Namibia


VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS) were developed by Petra Feyand-Weilbächer / PETRA TOURISM SERVICES. She did many tours of inspection in Namibia and Jordan, especially on tourist services and land routes but also in order to find an adequate tour operator working as a booking partner there for the VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS ( VITAL REISEN + SAFARIS ). In Germany, PETRA TOURISM SERVICES is your travel agency and will arrange the VITAL TRAVEL & SAFARIS for the respective tour operator.VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS) start or end on the days of the journey during the entire journey with Health GYM for everyone for the purpose of back relaxation or alternate with small hikes / walks through nature. This offer is optional, on request you can participate. The light training is also for physical relief during long journey trips, without losing sight of the essential flora, fauna- and cultural events. Possible neck and back tensions such as circulatory disorders from everyday life sometimes derived from prolonged sitting may be known to many. A journey is no exception. VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS) are personally accompanied by Petra Feyand-Weilbächer as a Namibia and Jordan expert as well as a personal trainer. Moreover, a highly qualified and native guide and safe driver will accompany the group with his excellent knowledge about Namibia or Jordan. On the way with connoisseurs!
VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS) can only be found in small group sizes up to max. 6 participants. Either booked by single travelers until the group size is reached or by a fixed group in specified number of participants. All of the beautiful accommodation of lodges and campsites are authentic and adapted to the wishes and size of the tour group. The safari is driven in a very good off-road or small group car depending on destination and road conditions.
The development with corresponding preparation, tour planning and the tour design of VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS) can be found at PETRA TOURISM SERVICES : ACTIVITIES -> VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS (REISEN + SAFARIS). Please do not hesitate to ask PETRA TOURISM SERVICES when a next VITAL TOUR & SAFARI will take place. Main travel destinations are the Southern Africa, especially Namibia, Botswana and South Africa but also the modern Middle East country Jordan with its famous rock city PETRA. In addition, other interesting VITAL TOURS & SAFARIS can be arranged in the future, such as Ireland, Spain and Alaska. For this purpose inspection trips will take place beforehand regarding process and design. Detailed travel dates and descriptions as well as information of the accompanied special trips can be requested via info@petra-tourism-services.de or the contact sheet.


  • Acquisition of product knowledge regarding the respective travel destination
  • Tour preparation and planning before the actual main trip to the respective travel destination
  • Inspection tour of the travel destination
  • Meeting foreign tour operators at the respective travel destination
  • Meeting of experienced tour guides and drivers
  • Selection of hotels, transportation / car rental companies
  • Inspection of tourist activities / offers / events / cultural sites
  • Selection of restaurants
  • Checking the road condition
  • Inspection of fitness / health + spas
  • Preparation of a second tour plan after a inspection trip
  • Flyer information
  • Marketing by advertising // Trade fair / flyer display / presentation / training
  • Regular and continuous training for the accompanying trainer: health sport KeepFIT


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